Courses taught at Wheelock College:

  • Anthropology & Globalization
  • Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  • Anthropology of the Family
  • American Identities (Introduction to American Studies)
  • Anthropology of American Men (to be renamed Boys and Men in America)
  • Religion in America
  • First-Year Seminar
  • Food & Globalization
  • Family Theories
  • Psychological Anthropology
  • On Being Different
  • Introduction to Social Science

Summer Professional Development Institutes: Fathers: Their Impact on the Lives of Children and Families; Boys: More at Risk Than We Think?

Fully online courses: Anthropology of the Family; Anthropology & Globalization; Religion in America

Hybrid courses: Anthropology & Globalization; Religion in America; Anthropology of American Men

 Course taught at Massachusetts College of Art and Design

  • Anthropology of Art

Courses taught at DePauw University:

  • Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  • Anthropology of Childhood and Parenting
  • Men and Masculinity
  • Food and Culture
  • Anthropology of Women and Gender
  • Anthropology of Art and Museums
  • South Pacific Cultures
  • Anthropology of Religion
  • Psychological Anthropology
  • Anthropological Theory
  • Anthropology of the Body and Sexuality
  • Anthropology of Time and Space
  • Anthropology of Judaism
  • Biblical Ritual and Myth
  • Social Science Honor Scholar Seminars
  • Folklore (team-taught)

Winter Term courses: From Shangri-la to Mount Everest: Nepal through Tourism, Himalayan Trekking, Utopian Desire and Hindu-Buddhist Religion; Death Around the World.

Winter Term advisor of student internships; and advisor of student independent research projects, e.g., health care among the Chamorros (Guam); Hawaiian sovereignty movement; tourism and Hawaii; Samoan music and cultural identity; food and markets in Mexico.